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Marriage Green Card Application Denied

Marriage Green Card Application Denied?

Applying for a marriage-based green card is a significant step towards building a life together as a couple in the United States. However, it’s crucial to understand that not all applications are approved. In this blog, we will explore some common reasons why a marriage green card application may be denied and provide valuable tips to help you avoid such a situation.

Why your marriage petition application could be denied?

  • Insufficient Evidence of a Genuine Marriage:

One of the primary reasons for a marriage green card application denial is the inability to prove the authenticity of the marital relationship. Immigration authorities scrutinize applications to ensure that the marriage is not solely for immigration benefits. To avoid this pitfall, provide substantial evidence of a bona fide marriage, such as joint financial documents, photographs,lease agreements, or affidavits from family and friends attesting to the validity of your relationship. It’s always best to with an experienced immigration attorney to prepare and file your petition.

  • Lack of Financial Support:

To sponsor a spouse for a marriage green card, the petitioner must meet certain financial requirements to demonstrate his or her ability to provide financial support. If the petitioner fails to meet the income threshold or cannot provide adequate evidence of financial stability, the application may be denied. Ensure that you meet the income requirements or consider finding a joint sponsor who can meet the criteria.

  • Incomplete or Inaccurate Forms:

Submitting incomplete or inaccurate forms is a common reason for application denials. It’s essential to carefully review the instructions and fill out all forms accurately and honestly. Any discrepancies or missing information can raise red flags and lead to a denial. Double-check your forms and consider seeking legal assistance if you’re unsure about any aspect of your case.

  • Criminal Record or Immigration Violations:

If the applicant has a criminal record or has previously violated immigration laws, it can significantly impact the outcome of the green card application. Certain crimes, such as fraud, domestic violence, or drug offenses, can even render the applicant ineligible for a green card. Be aware of any past legal issues and consult an immigration attorney to determine if they could affect your application.

  • Inadequate Medical Examination:

As part of the application process, the foreign spouse must undergo a medical examination by an authorized physician. If the examination reveals a communicable disease or a health condition that poses a threat to public safety, the application may be denied. Ensure that you complete the medical examination with a civil surgeon who has been designated by USCIS and address any health concerns beforehand.

Tips to Avoid a Marriage Green Card Petition Denial:

Gather Strong Documentation: Compile a comprehensive set of documents that demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage, including joint bank statements, rental agreements, utility bills, insurance policies, and photographs.

Financial Preparedness: Familiarize yourself with the income requirements and ensure that you meet them. If necessary, consider finding a joint sponsor who meets the criteria.

Seek Legal Guidance: Consulting an experienced immigration attorney can provide invaluable assistance throughout the application process. We can help you navigate complex legal requirements and address any concerns or questions.

Attention to Detail: Take the time to carefully complete all forms, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Review your application thoroughly before submission.

Be Honest and Transparent: Provide truthful and accurate information throughout the application process. Any attempt to deceive immigration authorities can have severe consequences.

While the prospect of a marriage green card application denial can be daunting, being well-prepared and knowledgeable about the process can significantly increase your chances ofsuccess.


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