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Options For Military Families


Parole-in-place (“PIP”) allows certain spouses, children and parents of active duty or veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to potentially remain in the U.S. and obtain certain benefits from within the U.S., even if they entered the country without permission. Some benefits include eligibility for work authorization and permanent residency.  

Am I eligible for parole in place? 

You may be eligible for parole in place in one-year increments if you are the spouse, widow(er), parent, son, or daughter of:

  • An active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces;
  • An individual in the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve; or
  • A military veteran (whether living or deceased, if he or she was not dishonorably discharged) who served in active duty or in the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve.

PIP is a discretionary benefit granted by USCIS on a case-by-case basis.

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